Standard features chic s-plus

Basic vehicle

Iveco Daily 

  • Engine: HPI Diesel 3.0 l with AdBlue (20 l), 156 HP / 110 kW, Euro VI d, 6-speed gearbox, rear-wheel drive 
  • Iveco Daily 50 C (permitted total weight 5.6 t) / 65 C (permitted total weight 6.5 t / 6.7 t) high frame with dual wheels on rear axle
  • Fuel tank 90 l
  • Carthago full-LED headlights (dipped and main beam) incl. daytime driving lights with LED fibre optics
  • Fog light
  • Front axle with indipendent wheel suspension and torsion bar sus-pension, double wishbone and increased axle load capacity, rigid rear axle with parabolic suspension
  • 16" steel rims 
  • ESP, ABS, electric immobiliser, ASR, hill holder 
  • Assistance display (central TFT cluster)
  • Electric steering system
  • Cruise control
  • Tow bar preparation (cut-out in GRP rear with electrical wiring) 

Liner premium-class body construction 

  • GRP roof outer shell, GRP floor plate on top and bottom 
  • Roof/wall connection via curved roof and frame member
  • Side walls and rear wall with aluminium on inside and outside
  • RTM hard foam insulating core in roof, floor and side wall 
  • Thermal bridge-free chassis connection via shape-fitting bonded aluminium frame members with additional cold-stop 
  • Roof system rails at side with rainwater deflection function 
  • Total wall and roof thickness, 38 mm
  • Body with lightning strike protection / Faraday cage 
  • 10-year water ingress guarantee
  • Exterior hatches made from the original side wall material “Carthago Isoplus” 
  • Internal/external flap seal, outer seal as splash water protection
  • Exterior hatches and main cabin door with internal hinges
  • Fuel tank lid / AdBlue flush-mounted into side wall
  • GRP bus rear with double-shell insulation, two-piece
  • Carthago rear lights with dynamic LED indicators 
  • Seitz de luxe main cabin window, thermal bridge-free double frame with insulated glazing and flush outer window surface, fly screen roller blind and pleated blackout blind 
  • Exterior LED light above cabin door with integrated rain deflector
  • Electrically extending main cabin door entrance step incl. warning buzzer
  • Main cabin door entrance lowered and heated, incl. carpet 

Driver's cabin

  • Active driving, extra-low dashboard at front for early visibility of the road
  • Extra-high panoramic windscreen with increased depth 
  • Electric honeycomb insulated pleated windscreen blind with pro-grammable privacy and anti-dazzle function
  • Pleated blackout blinds behind rear side windows (operated from the side)
  • Mirror arm extensions with rain deflection function
  • Single level transition from living area to driver's cabin
  • Front mask in GRP, with double-shell insulation
  • Coach windscreen wipers wiping in opposing directions 
  • Aguti "Roadliner" comfort seats for driver and passenger incl. logo in fine wood inlays, rotatable, upholstered in same material as living area, with integrated seat belts and upholstered and adjustable armrests at both sides
  • Exclusive dashboard with leather covered areas, practical sideboard, integrated reversing camera monitor and two drinks bottle holders 
  • Leather-covered lower panelling for drop-down bed, with LED spotlights and storage compartments with front flaps
  • Standing height beneath drop-down bed of up to 190 cm 
  • Driver’s cabin seats further apart: better vision and more access width in driver’s cabin
  • Driver's cabin door with security double locking, electric windows, rain gutter
  • Shelf/sideboard at the driver's side with two heating convectors and storage compartment above
  • Soundproofing measures for engine compartment
  • 230 V / 12 V / USB sockets in driver’s cabin / front seating group area

Thermal concept in driver's cabin

  • Insulating double glazing in driver’s cabin: Side and door windows incl. pleated blackout blind
  • Convector Package with 2-speed fan underneath driver’s seat (booster), can be switched on to heat foot area
  • Targeted heating of dashboard surface for additional heating of driver’s cabin area (widespread heating effect): integrated heating convectors with circulation baffle plate (double convectors at driver and passenger sides) 

Double floor storage

  • Massive, heated storage compartment
  • Usable height up to 74 cm (Iveco Daily 65C: 78 cm)
  • Outside access via several large hatches
  • Interior access via the seat bench cover of round seating group with patented fitting, swing-up side seat bench and via the large living area floor hatch
  • Central through-loading space (interior height 20 cm) with extra-low central storage compartment (usable height 20 cm)
  • LED lighting of through-loading area in the double-floor storage area

Large scooter-garage

  • Convenient loading through the low loading edge 
  • Scooter garage with load capacity of up to 450 kg 
  • Large garage hatches at the driver and passenger sides, supported with gas pressure rods
  • Original floor panel with GRP on top and bottom, anti-slip coating
  • Garage insulated all round and heated – frostproof
  • Lashing system for securing luggage using stable frame member, including eight lashing eyes 
  • 230 V socket / 12 V socket
  • Exterior shower in scooter garage at driver's side (hot / cold) with shower head and connecting hose

Interior design

  • Linea chiara World of Style: furniture finish in Noce Fino decor with overhead cabinet and kitchen doors in high gloss ivory / lotus white bicolor look with table surfaces in Marmo Grigio decor
  • Linea nobile World of Style: Furniture finishes and overhead cabinet fronts in elegant Noce Fino decor, kitchen fronts in high gloss ivory and lotus white bicolor look with table surfaces in Navajo decor (optional)

Living area

  • Large front round seating group with wide side seat bench, two 3-point seat belts in direction of travel incl. headrests
  • Model XL: XL lounge seating group with extra large living area table and long side sofa with extendible sleeping / seat surface at drivers side
  • Heki III panoramic skylight above lounge seating group incl. LED spotlights 
  • Living area window above side bench on driver's side
  • Luxury living area table with exclusive real wood round profile, movable in two directions (operation via foot pedal) 
  • Pull-out shoe cabinet with storage system integrated in base of the seat bench, locking mechanism via electric central locking, kitchen
  • Seat upholstery with multilayer premium foam core and back support function 
  • Furniture with “Durafix” double connection technology: bolted and mortised 
  • Hatch closers with soft cushioning 
  • Roman blind system with surrounding chain at living area windows incl. decorative curtain 
  • Inside of walls and roof with microfibre climate-regulating wall cov -ering 


  • Kitchen work surface in “Savannah” décor with Corian drip edge
  • Work surface lit from underneath with LED light strip
  • Six large “easy glide” roller-mounted drawers with self-closing and end position cushioning
  • Corner kitchen with extendible kitchen worktops to increase counter space and easily accessible storage space reserves, incl. swivelling waste bin and bottle holder
  • Electric central locking in kitchen area for kitchen drawers, overhead kitchen cabinets, bar cabinet, shoe cabinet 
  • “Flex” drawer organizer for individual arrangement of drawers
  • Separate drawer for cutlery with organiser
  • “Profi Gourmet” 3-ring hob with divided glass cover for additional surface space with robust cast iron grate and easy-clean glass surface
  • Round stainless steel sink embedded in work surface with multifunctional sink cover incl. wall holder with additional work surface 
  • Designer tap made from high-quality metal, ceramic seal and pull-out spray head
  • Kitchen rear wall in cream decorative glass 
  • Fridge 153 l volume with opening stop at both sides, separate freezer compartment, automatic energy source finder 12 V / 230 V / gas 
  • Slide out storage cabinet, can be pulled out 
  • Electric extractor hood with air supply / extraction function
  • 230 V socket 

Washroom / changing room

Changing room & room partitioning 

  • Changing room: solid wooden sliding door in front of bedroom – washroom door as room divider from living area (model 50 LE) 
  • Changing room: pull-out room divider and television wall in front of the bedroom – washroom door as room divider from living area (model 52 QB) 
  • Changing room: solid wooden sliding door in front of bedroom with full-length mirror and room-high sliding door as room divider from living area (models 61 XL LE, 64 XL QB)
  • Ceiling-high wardrobe with two coat hooks and a shelf integrated in the changing room 
  • Changing room with Mini Heki skylight 

Luxury washroom with separate shower room 

  • Shower walls with sandstone décor
  • Rain shower with roof dome, standing height 1.98 m 
  • Shower tray with dark granite look, shower corner pillar with high-gloss ivory look with coat hooks
  • Shower with waterproof shower insert with same design as living area floor and level shower entry
  • Height-adjustable shower head on chromium rail (not model 52 QB) 
  • Wash stand base unit with toilet roll holder, mirror storage cabinet 
  • Double function door for simultaneous separation of sleeping / washroom area from toilet

XL washroom with XL room concept 

  • Open wash area and designer washbasin 
  • Mini Heki skylight 
  • XL round shower with waterproof shower insert with same design as living area floor and level shower entry 
  • Spa rain shower with skylight incl. blackout blind 
  • Shower head height-adjustable on chrome rail
  • Shower tray with dark granite look, shower corner pillar with highgloss ivory look with coat hooks
  • Shower walls with sandstone décor
  • Additional warm water underfloor heating: additional heating coils in washroom double floor area
  • Micro-Heki skylight in toilet room 
  • Separate toilet room with side window, towel warmer as well as footwell extension


Drop-down bed above the driver’s cabin area

  • Largest sleeping area 195 x 160 cm in its class
  • Two-part slatted frame and quality mattress
  • Extra-low positioning of the bed: Access via side seat without ladder 
  • Stable and wobble-free support
  • Book shelf and LED spotlights
  • Dividing curtain between drop-down bed and living area
  • Mini Heki skylight 

Fixed beds in rear area

  • Medically recommended Carawinx point elastic sleeping system, heated and ventilated
  • Quality 7-zone cold foam mattress for optimal and healthy sleeping comfort
  • Mini Heki skylight 
  • Adjustable head section

Lengthways single beds 

  • Access step can be pulled out towards the front (for access when using sleeping area extension) 
  • Sleeping area extension by means of inserted mattress 
  • Integrated TV cabinet in bedroom with shelf base
  • Wardrobes beneath the beds with lift function and divided mattress, lowered into double floor for additional interior height 
  • All-round roof storage compartment with large storage volume 

On-board technology


  • Fresh water and waste water tank integrated in heated double-floor basement, cleaning cap via living area floor hatch or scooter garage (depending on model) 
  • Ball type drain valve positioned in the Double floor storage protected from frost (central water drain)
  • Low-maintenance water pressure pump system
  • Waste water hose set with bayonet connection


  • External gas compartment in low position (2 x 11 kg gas bottles)
  • Gas taps in kitchen area

Electrical system

  • Electrics centre easily accessible in scooter garage incl. charger, fuses, fuse protection, 22 A automatic charger, electronic control, automatic shut-off feature at low voltage, including vehicle battery charging function
  • Heated battery centre, 2 x 80 Ah gel batteries in double floor, access via scooter garage, main power switch
  • Multifunctional panel within technical panel above entrance door 

Innovative light concept

  • Lighting system with numerous LED spotlights in driver’s cabin, living area and changing room with continuous dimmer function
  • Ceiling canopy with additional LED spotlights and indirect LED lighting 
  • LED spot light with background lighting in the entrance area
  • LED spot light in kitchen area / base of seat bench
  • LED spot light with backlighting in round washroom wall 
  • Night lighting in the floor with LED spotlights, can be switched from entrance and sleeping area
  • Living area step to changing room with flush-fitted surface lighting


  • TV pull-out system in side seat bench backrest and connection pre-wiring for 32"

Alde hot water heating technology

  • Alde warm water heating operates from 230 V electricity or gas, incl. 230 V heating cartridge, hot water boiler, bleeding valves, numer-ous convector heaters in the driver's cabin, dashboard, living area, double floor and scooter garage
  • Underfloor heating effect: Heat is stored in insulated double floor and radiates from below into the entire living area floor, maintaining a pleasant temperature
  • Additional warm water underfloor heating: additional heating coils in XL - washroom double floor area 
  • Dashboard with targeted heating for additional heating of driver's cabin area: insulated sandwich area beneath dashboard with warm water heating coils for panel heating   Booster: convector package with 2-speed fan underneath driver’s seat, additional convector in the entry doorway