Iveco Daily

Notbremsassistent mit City Brake (AEBS)

The Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) helps keep you safe by detecting a potential collision ahead and braking autonomously, preventing collisions at speeds below 50 km/h and drastically mitigating damage when travelling faster. In busy traffic, while driving through a city for sightseeing, the City Brake PRO prevents collisions at speeds as low as 5 km/h.

Adaptive Cruise Control

​It can be difficult to stay alert during long drives on motorways; Adaptive Cruise Control helps you stay safe. Once you set your cruising speed and minimum distance from the vehicle ahead, the system reacts and autonomously adapts your speed to maintain the safety distance.

Proactive Lane Keeping Assist

The Proactive Lane Keeping Assist system acts on the Electric power steering and gently brings you back to the centre of the lane if you drift out. You can set the distance from the painted lane marking and the stroke intensity on the steering system.


Crosswind Assist

​Strong winds when driving on a bridge or overtaking heavy trucks are no challenge with the Daily’s Crosswind Assist, which stabilises the vehicle against a powerful gust of side wind. The sensors activate the brakes on the side of the vehicle hit by the wind, ensuring its stability and your safety.