Fiat Ducato

Emergency Brake Assistant

It's easy to lose concentration during long journeys. The emergency brake assistant is an attentive passenger who intervenes in the event of a close call, and helps to avoid rear-end collisions and accidents involving pedestrians. The system supports emergency braking or initiates it independently to prevent collisions. The system records various signals using the camera in the centre of the windscreen, and sends these to the driver by means of acoustic and visual signals on the instrument panel display. The system differentiates between two types of braking:

Limited braking:

If you are close to a possible frontal collision, you will be warned by the system by a small amount of braking. You can therefore react in good time in the motorhome in order to prevent a potential accident or minimise the effects thereof.

Automatic braking:

If you are in imminent danger of a collision, the system brakes automatically if it does not detect any intervention by you. A frontal collision is prevented in this way. The system also intervenes if your reaction is delayed or it registers that your braking is insufficient, and optimises the reaction of the braking system.



Lane Departure Warning Assistant

A little inattention during the journey...and you’re already on the wrong side of the road with your motorhome. This can be dangerous when you are driving at speed or in the event of bad weather. Thanks to the lane departure warning assistant you don't need to worry, because this system monitors the lane markings and the position of the vehicle using a video sensor on the windscreen.



Headlight Assistant

For many drivers, switching the main beam on and off is a bothersome activity. You often forget to switch off the main beam while driving, and dazzle the oncoming traffic. In order to avoid putting oncoming traffic at risk, the main beam is automatically switched off when an oncoming vehicle is detected.



Traffic sign recognition

We've all been there... You are driving along an unfamiliar route and failed to notice the speed limit sign. This can become expensive if you come across a speed trap, but is avoidable using traffic sign recognition. The system automatically detects traffic signs such as speed limits, overtaking bans and signs marking the end of restrictions. The sensor continuously monitors the road signs and indicates speed limits and any overtaking restrictions.



Rain and Light Sensor

Similarly to the situation when switching the main beam on and off, many drivers find switching the windscreen wipers on and off irritating. Your Carthago now does this for you automatically thanks to its rain sensor. The rain sensor makes it possible for the movement speed of the windscreen wiper to be adapted to the intensity of the rainfall automatically. The twilight and light sensor determines how much light there is outside the vehicle. If it gets darker outside, the dipped beam is automatically switched on.



Tyre inflation pressure sensors

Correctly inflated tyres last longer, and are particularly important for driving safety. The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) alerts you if the pressure in one of the tyres drops below the prescribed cold inflation pressure. This system provides you with easy monitoring, safety on the roads and a longer service life for the tyres.