Active distance assistant DISTRONIC

The active distance assistant takes the pressure off the driver by automatically monitoring and controlling the distance from the vehicle ahead - not just in urban traffic but also on motorways. With the aid of the installed sensors, the current traffic situation is also assessed in order to prevent collisions because of insufficient safety distances, abrupt stops or brief periods of inattention.

Active alertness assistant

Particularly on long journeys, there is a risk of becoming overtired or nodding off. This is prevented by the active alertness assistant by analysing your driving behaviour and creating an individual driver profile on this basis. In this way, the alertness assistant can detect overtiring or inattention and recommend that you take a break via the display if necessary. The early warning makes a contribution to improving driving safety.

Tyre inflation pressure system

Correctly inflated tyres do not only last for longer, but are particularly important for driving safety. The tyre inflation pressure system measures the air pressure and the air temperature using a sensor inside the tyre. If the inflation pressure is too low, the driver is warned via a message on the display. In this way, accidents can be prevented and both fuel consumption and tyre wear can also be reduced.

Active braking assistant

The active braking assistant warns you of the risk of collision with vehicles in front and crossing pedestrians. If the system detects a hazardous situation, an acoustic and visual warning for the driver is first triggered. If the driver detects the danger and reacts by braking, the braking assistant provides support by building up additional brake pressure. If the driver does not brake, the system automatically initiates emergency braking. At slow speeds this may be sufficient to prevent an accident.