Storage space

Storage space concept

Double floor basement with massive storage compartment

More room for your holiday

You can never have enough storage space in a motorhome! The Carthago integrated motorhomes provide a huge amount of storage space and room for your entire holiday luggage due to the unique double-floor basement and many easily accessible storage compartments.Bulky luggage such as camping furniture and skis can be stowed away in an optimum way in the central through-loading storage 
compartment. The double floor can be conveniently loaded from the outside and unloaded from the inside via numerous large exterior hatches. Large self-supporting living area floor hatches provide access to the extra-deep storage compartments in the living and kitchen areas. The double-floor basement also acts as a climate store, protecting your cargo from frost.

EASY ENTRY - Convenient loading from the outside, easy removal from the inside

In addition to the large double-floor cellar with huge, heated storage space, our "easy entry" system is another refinement of our luxury motorhomes. By "easy entry" we mean that the storage space of your premium motorhome can be conveniently loaded from the outside and the load can be removed just as easily from the inside.

Your added value with Carthago

  • Biggest storage compartment in its class
  • Unique, huge double floor
  • Convenient exterior and interior access “EASY ENTRY” - load from the outside, unload from the inside
  • Extra-deep storage compartments for additional usable height
  • Lowered storage compartment elaborately manufactured in original bodywork sandwich, therefore maximum stability and high-efficiency insulation
  • Fully usable storage compartment volume, no restrictions caused by the installation of technical components
  • Weight and balance - weight optimisation and additional payload thanks to maximum usable axle loads and balanced weight distribution between front and rear axle

Your added value with Carthago

  • Double floor with huge, heated storage compartment, usable height up to 78 cm
  • Access from the exterior via several large hatches
  • Access from the interior via the L-shaped lounge seating group seat bench cover, the swing-up side seat bench and the large living area floor hatch
  • Large, central through-loading space (interior height up to 22 cm), deeply lowered storage compartment cellar (usable height up to 46 cm), also conveniently loadable from the outside through the entrance door via the large, self-supporting living area floor hatch
  • The entire double-floor is heated with a climate storage function with underfloor heating effect

Garage per Pedelec Carthago

The garage wonder for queen-size bed models with an interior loading height extension of up to 124 cm

Will your big bike or Pedelec not fit into the rear garage of your motorhome?
Not a problem with Carthago's queen-size bed models. This is how it’s done: Just swivel up the rear bed from the outside with a single manual operation, park the bike in the garage, lower the rear bed again. The Carthago trick: a recess in the floor accommodates the bike. Securely lash everything – done in an instant and handlebar heights of up to 124 cm are possible in combination with the swing-up bottom edge of the bed. In spite of this, the bed is easily accessible from the inside at any time thanks to the low position. Just another one of Carthago's many great ideas. And because it is so good, we had it patented right away.

Your added value

  • Loading height extension by simply swinging up the interior rear bed with one hand and the additional sunken floor recess (making a handlebar height of up to 124 cm possible)
  • Despite low bed entrance, two-wheeler with handlebar height up to 124 cm can be transported in rear garage, no need to unload for sleeping
  • Innovative solution with simple operation
  • Cover plate for floor recess thus also usable as additional storage space with level garage floor