Carthago payload & weight and balance

Carthago payload & weight and balance

Travel in comfort and safety with a heavy payload

No fear of the scales: A Carthago has reserves, even for large luggage items! You will find a heavy payload in the construction specification of every new Carthago. Because this forms the basis for outstanding comfort, independence and safety when you are travelling. It is a natural constituent of the Carthago Premium DNA. A harmonious weight balance is a matter of course for a Carthago. The basis is formed by a load-bearing chassis with two or even three axles, which provide an individual solution for the respective requirement. Clever wheelbases ensure that the weight distribution is favourable, utilise the maximum axle loads and lead to a safe and confident driving style at the same time. Intelligent lightweight construction technology reduces the weight of the vehicle. Carthago also means not 
having to forego anything with regard to payload, since holidaymakers do not have to restrict themselves, even on long trips: You can simply take your favourite things from clothing to Pedelecs with you in the massive storage compartments. And the reserves in the Carthago are always sufficient for your holiday souvenirs.

On the example of a chic c-line I 4.9 LE

Payload reserves per axle depending on the vehicle configuration

Balanced weight distribution

Large storage compartments and sufficient payload alone are not enough. Carthago uses wheelbases which are coordinated in a model-specific way. The result is an optimum weight balance between the 
front and rear axle. This is a requirement for a practically-orientated use of the storage space.

The Carthago double floor

Together with the high-stability self-supporting main body construction, it contributes to providing a high degree of stability and torsional rigidity, and is extremely lightweight at the same time. A 
“special light” AL-KO low frame is used exclusively for the lightweight models. Result: minimal vehicle weight – maximum payload.

Your added value with Carthago

+ Maximum travel comfort, no restrictions as far as luggage is concerned, and optimum utilisation of the potentially record-breaking storage compartments in the Carthago motorhome
+ Weight and balance - weight optimisation and additional payload thanks to balanced weight distribution between front and rear axle
+ Numerous individual weight variants result in individual reserves for each model and each configuration
+ Maximum visibility on the road, no risk due to overloading and over-stressed components, safe driving style