Heating concept

Carthago heating and air conditioning technology

Your added value:

+ Winter proof motorhome with year-round comfort
+ Underfloor heating effect – your feet are always warm
+ No draughty air appearances from the heat storage technology
+ Equal heat distribution and radiation due to the aluminium inner wall
+ Heat storage effect and efficient insulation reduce the gas consumption

Underfloor heating

Numerous hot air outlets and heat circulation channels in the entire double floor ensure for an equal heat distribution. This "heat accumulation" in the double floor radiates the heat upwards to the living area floor and heats it in a pleasant manner. In this way, you have warm feet all the time.

Heated technical components

Heaters installed in motorhomes is a standard feature. Heating the living area with it is as well. In a Carthago motorhome, all areas sensitive to the cold are additionally heated targeted: all technical components such as tanks, batteries, storage areas, doorways, etc. That guarantees full functionality, even at low minus temperatures.

Targeted heating of the driver's cabin

In all integrated models, the front area of the dashboard is heated targeted. As a result, the double-shell front end acts like an area heater. Thus, the living area in the driver's cabin has a pleasant temperature without cold air flowing from the area of the windscreen.