Driver's cabin visibility concept

Carthago driver’s cabin vision concept

Your added value

+ Maximum view upwards: increased angle of vision due to the high windscreen (view of the traffic lights(´)
+ Optimised view to the front when travelling (view onto the road surface): due to the ergonomic styling of the cockpit, steeply sloped dashboard and low-set bus windscreen
+ Optimised windscreen wiper area = larger field of vision in rain
+ Carthago rear-view mirror system "best view" (view to the rear)

Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept

+  Ergonomic cockpit design improve the view

+  Dashboard support inclined steeply to the front

+  Large, low-set panorama windscreen

+  Road surface visible in driving position from a dista nce of just 277 cm

+  Angle of vision extended to the top (for viewing traffic lights)

+  Optimised windscreen wiper area = larger field of  vision in rain

Carthago “bestview” bus mirrors (from c-tourer):

+  Carthago “bestview” bus mirrors with large main mirror and additional wide-angle mirrors = perfect view to the rear

+  From chic c-line with door entrance lighting and “Coming  Home” function