Carthago Personality

+ Furniture made in our own Carthago furniture workshop
+ The use of multi-bonded, stable wood
+ All furniture is supported on the double floor (instead of wall-mounted)
+ Stable "Durafix" double connection technology = bolted and mortised
+ No creaking and clattering when travelling - Noise reduction using anti-knocking cushioning
+ Holders, hinges and rails in solid, household quality

Carthago Premium Wohnmobil Möbelbau - Verbindungstechnik

Furniture design

The heart of a motorhome is the furniture. This reflects the character of a motorhome. A Carthago living
area stands for "feeling well" and exclusiveness. The entire furniture design is produced meticulously in
our own furniture workshop. In doing so, the Carthago double connection technology ensures the durability and also that few noises canbe heard when travelling.

Exquisite materials

Premium quality can be seen and felt. At Carthago, we only use selected and high-quality materials. At many points, these are still processed using traditional methods. Attention to detail and the passion of our specialists count here.

Carthago Premium Wohnmobil Dachrundung

Carthago curved roof

A Carthago motorhome arouses emotions due to its unique and elegant design. The curved roof typical to the brand is, e.g., such a design element. And just on the side, it also contributes to increasing the torsion resistance of the main cabin.