Body concept





Carthago roof - wall joint: The typical Carthago curved roof is not only an unmistakeable design element but with the frame members on the inside, provides a decisive

contribution to the main cabin rigidity. And this being without any thermal bridges.






Carthago roof structure: Outer side GRP = hail protection and at the same time, protection against lightning strike from the aluminium inner

side (Faraday cage). The aluminium inner side also assumes the function of heat storage






Carthago side wall construction: Aluminium on the outside of the wall, but also on the inside of the wall is not only a requirement for an effective lightning

protection, it also ensures for the efficient heat storage and thus, for the typical pleasant Carthago living climate. This creates an equal thermal radiation

effect = wall heater.







Carthago lower-level scooter garage: Maximum loading height thanks to the lower-level scooter garage. Extremely high-load capacity wall - floor joints from

shape-fitting bonded frame members. Can be loaded up to 350 kg.







Carthago floor - wall joint: The side wall - floor joint is carried out via a highly-stable frame member on both sides that is bonded shape-fitted over the entire length in the same manner as in aircraft

construction. And in the worst case, it offers the protective effect of a side collision protection. A thermal bridge stop

reliably prevents any thermal bridges.







Carthago floor panel: The Carthago floor panel has an allround protection. Lower and upper sides made from GRP and in-between there is a hard foam insulating core

made from RTM Styrofoam. It is highly stable and has a lifelong protection against humidity and rotting.




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Your added value

+ Protection against lightning strike, hail, stone chippings and moisture
+ Up to 10-year warranty against leaks
+ Easy to repair in the event of any damage
+ Longevity and therefore value retention for years
+ Perfect insulation and heat storage for all-year-round comfort
+ Highest chassis stability and torsion resistance, the decisive contribution to driving comfort and driving safety
+ Light weight due to self-carrying bodywork
+ 100 wood-free bodywork, no rotting possible

Moisture protection

The Carthago body provides real all-round protection. The design therefore protects from moisture and the resulting consequential damage. Reliably and in the long run. Based on this promise, we grant a leakproof warranty of up to 10 years..

Disruptive discharge

caused by lightning with conventional GRP roof with wood/GRP roof inside


During the development of the main body components, attention was paid to having multi-part segmentation. In event of damage, this makes replacement easier and saves money. For example, at the rear there is a separately replaceable rear bumper.