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Award-winning Carthago motorhomes

As a technology and quality leader, Carthago sets standards in the motorhome industry time and time again. This is confirmed in surveys and comparisons by the people who should know best - our customers. Their verdict is extremely important to us. We surveyed our customers using a scientifically supported representative method. More than 2,600 have replied, which in itself is an outstanding figure and proof of the close connection between themselves and Carthago. They particularly praise the exterior and interior design, storage space, furniture quality, sleeping comfort, driving safety and ride comfort.

Typical Carthago values therefore, which contain the Carthago Premium DNA. These values are also the criteria upon which our customers place the greatest value.

Press opinions

"There's massive, heated double floor storage. [...] Just inside the entrance, atrapdoor reveals a place to keep your walking boots and wellies, while there's a slide-out shoe rack under the sofa. [...] A TV locker at the foot of the offside bed can house a 24in screen and there are very large wardrobes under the foot of each bed, plus a third wardrobe next to the toilet. [...] The Corian worktop kitchen is as stylish as you'd expect with a slite-out untit that reveals a bottle rack and two bins.[...] The front lounge's TV hides away behind the offside sofa, while the stylish circular table is moved around by operating a foot pedal.[...] 'Ship's clock' gauges below the cab's drop-down bed add more class."

What motorhome 02/2020, chic e-line I 50 LE new generation


"Inside, it has the same confidence-inspiring view from the driver’s seat. Carthago’s sloping dashboard makes a world of difference in positioning the vehicle on the road and manoeuvring safely and takes away any fears associated with piloting an A-class. [...] Not only did the C-tourer cab seem a quieter place than most other A-classes but mechanical din is actually better suppressed than in a standard Ducato. And, of course, there’s a welcome lack of noises from the living area, too.[...] The cab chairs are, of course, superb – especially as they rotate through a full 180 degrees, allowing you to put your feet up on the rear seats to view the telly. [...] Lighting is plentiful, especially thanks to the LEDs set into the base of the drop-down cab bed (with the mood variable according to how many you switch on).[...] Five large soft-close drawers answer your storage needs (including a big cutlery drawer and a small kitchen bin), while the ‘vertical wave’ design element in contrasting white gloss adds style, and the sink lid that repositions as a shelf on the wall adds extra worktop (and is sturdy enough for slicing bread).[...] The basin, mirror and wall hinge through 90 degrees to cover the toilet and, with the sliding shower screen, create a shower cubicle in which the tap relocates as a showerhead.Once again, it’s a practical design executed in a high-quality fashion, as emphasised by the excellent drainage from the shower tray (triple outlets) – there’s hardly any mopping down required afterwards."

Outandabout 08/2019, c-tourer I 141 LE


Couldn’t be better: nothing can be heard while driving with the Carthago on roads and motorways. No flapping, no squeaking, no noise. [...] The shorter bed can be pushed towards the back with the shower wall during the day without problems. In this way, Carthago saves main cabin length with a long sleeping area. [...] The fact that the integrated model heats up quickly and appears to be well insulated makes a positive impression.

Reisemobil International 03/2018, C-tourer I 144 LE endurance test


„The chic c-line 4.9 L has won thanks to the additional cabinets and the detail work which Carthago has put into in its successful series. Endless amounts of storage space, many practical details which simplify life in the motorhome and absolute suitability for winter thanks to the meticulously constructed double floor bring the chic c-line to the level that it represents in the Carthago portfolio: The highest standard of travel.“

Reisemobil International 8/2017, Practical test of chic c-line I 4.9 LE L superior


“In the entrance, Carthago connoisseurs will also find the double floor storage compartment with large hatch, which is so typical of the brand. [...] The first thing that catches your eye when you enter is the kitchen, which particularly stands out because of its elegantly curved counter. [...] The epitome of cosiness is the spacious C-seating group in the rear – just the job for a relaxing evening watching television. The icing on the cake is a 40-inch TV that is raised out of the side backrest by an electric motor.”

promobil 2/2018, New introduction of the liner for two


Customer opinions

“The chic c-line – our true dream motorhome! Its versatility is unique, and it fulfils our unconditional wanderlust!”

Silvia & Gerhard Voggel, Carthago customers & Brand Ambassadors


“Comfortable, secure, light. These are the criteria that I am looking for in a motorhome. My c-tourer with AL-KO low frames fulfils them all. I can also easily keep within the 3.5 ton weight limit, even with a lot of holiday luggage. For me, it’s simply perfect!”

Gregor Schweigkofler, Carthago customer & Brand Ambassador


“The living area of the chic e-line is perfect for us. The impressive room height, the spacious design of the lounge seating group, the large tank volumes and the wide range of loading capacities convey freedom. That is premium for us.“

Sibylle Werner-Nagl & Steffen Nagl, Carthago customers & Brand Ambassadors