We celebrate 10 years of the all-rounder c-tourer

The c-tourer is considered the sophisticated all-rounder among the Carthago models. Whether on Fiat Ducato or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, under or over 7 metres, as lightweight or comfort model, coachbuilt or A-class - it is as versatile as hardly any other and at the same time as comfortable as you are used to from Carthago.

For its 10th anniversary, we would like to create a very special retrospective together with you: Send us a photo of your c-tourer and tell us what your all-rounder can do, what you would not want to do without in the c-tourer, what your c-tourer has already experienced or which very special situation has particularly stayed in your memory. No matter if it shows one of the first c-tourer models or a very recent one - we are curious! Of course, we will present the submitted pictures and stories here. Just send us an email including a photo of your c-tourer and your story to marketing@carthago.com (keyword "c-tourer all-rounder"). 

In addition, you will receive a weekly update here on the website from 19.11 on what the c-tourer can do. Be curious!

We are looking forward to your pictures and stories!