chic c-line T

The extra class: Semi-integrated – extravagant and comfortable

It is extravagant, luxurious, comfortable and unique at the same time. It’s high-tech on four wheels. With the chic c-line semi-integrated motorhome, you are stepping up to a class of its own: the premium class of the semi-integrated motorhomes. Discover the unique charm of these models with their advantages that make the chic c-line T stand up from the other semi-integrated vehicles on offer on the market and provides it with its independence.

Model series strengths

+ Weight class:
Comfort conscious floor plans from 3.5 tonnes to 4.5 tonnes total permissible weight

+ Chassis:
Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame Special Carthago, wide track rear axle,198 cm, safety package as standard: Airbag, ESP, ABS, Hillholder, Traction Control

+ Living comfort:
Furniture series “exclusive”, generous L-shaped lounge seating group with side seat bench, corner kitchen, coffee machine lift, slide out storage cabinet, separable changing room, Carawinx rear bed sleeping system, extendible access step for the rear bed

+ Storage compartment system:
17 cm climate storage double floor, double floor storage compartment “big space”, 62 cm usable height, 2 large exterior hatches, central through-loading space, double floor basement, 42 cm usable depth, double floor storage box with 40 cm usable depth. Scooter garage: interior height up to 120 cm, load capacity up to 350 kg

+ Self-sufficiency:
Above average self-sufficiency: tank volumes, 170 litres fresh water, 110 litres waste-water, can be extended to 150 litres 2 x 80 Ah gel battery, can be increased to 3 x 80 AH

+ Air conditioning / heating system:
Hot air storage heating system Truma Combi 6 double floor climate storage with underfloor heating effect, optional Alde warm water central heating technology

Test results

“The chic provides an abundance of storage space. From the shoe drawer in the seat cabinet to the two wardrobes under the beds to the storage cabinets in the hood above the driver's cabin. Now a continuously illuminated double floor comes on top of that [...]. Loads can be stored from the outside and removed from the inside.”
Promobil 08/2016, Comparison chic c-line T 4.9