Motorhome comfort in Van format

The c-compactline is the lightest integrated premium motorhome. Its running weight starts at just
2,830 kg. And that without any compromises with regard to quality and comfort. Thanks to the external
width reduced by 15 cm, it is also characterised by its great handling ability. The clever interior space
concept and the one-level living area floor throughout are fundamental attributes of the typical Carthago
living comfort, in spite of the reduced main cabin width. With the standard AL-KO low frame special
“light”, the c-compactline sets the benchmark in the 3.5 tonnes weight class for premium integrated

Model series strengths

+ Weight class:
Compact floor plans with short vehicle length / comfortable luxury bath models suitable for the
3.5 tonnes weight class up to maximum 4.25 tonnes, Carthago Lightweight Technology

+ Chassis:
Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame special “light”, standard safety package: Airbag, ESP, ABS, Hillholder,
Traction Control, Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept

+ Living comfort:
“smartline” furniture series adapted to the vehicle width for maximum living comfort, L-shaped
lounge seating group with side seat bench, space saving galley kitchen or corner kitchen, compact
combined bathroom or luxury bathroom, rear bed with large sleeping area, one-level living area floor

+ Storage space:
17 cm climate storage double floor, double floor storage compartment “basic”, 40 cm central
through-loading space at driver and passenger side beneath lounge seating group, large double floor
basement with access from the inside, 42 cm usable depth, integrated central water drain, scooter
garage: interior height up to 120 cm, load capacity up to 350 kg

+ Self-sufficiency:
120 litres fresh water, 90 litres waste water, 1 x 80 Ah gel batteries (can be increased to 2 x 80 Ah)

+ Air conditioning / heating system:
Hot air storage heating system Truma Combi 6 double floor climate storage with underfloor heating

Test results

“The c-compactline achieves fantastic figures on the scales – and that having a double floor.”
“Therefore, the c-compactline I 138 can already be recommended without limits in the 3.5 ton class.”
Reisemobil International 05/2015, comparison test

“Short and sweet at the top - that is the motto here! First class driving behaviour, equally good natured as well as comfortable, coupled with high-quality materials and the best Carthago craftsmanship.”
Autobild Reisemobil 2/2016, comparison test: four integrated motorhomes up to 3.5 tonnes, test winner: c-compactline I 138

“The test vehicle had ESP as standard on-board. This gives the Carthago assembled on the Fiat Ducato driving stability, also in critical situations. In the evasion test, the vehicle did not have any tendency to skid or tilt. Despite the large side are, the vehicle only has a slight sensitivity to side winds.”
(ADAC Freizeit Mobil (trade journal) 2013)

“There aren't many slender integrated motorhomes. The c-compactline is one of them. But not just any: Solidity meets high-class technology here. […] The c-compactline is the most ambitious slender integrated motorhome.”
(Promobil 8/2014)