The payload World Champion – the Carthago Liner class

You have arrived at the top, and that is why the highliner on an Iveco-Daily chassis suits you so well. Its genes portray the Liner premium class. That can be easily seen in the seat position in the raised driver’s cabin module with double shell and all-round insulation as well as the extra thick walls with a total thickness of 48 mm. Highlights are the innovative dashboard in motor yacht design and the wooden-leather steering wheel that can be swivelled away to the front to allow the drivers cab seat to be turned in comfort. The distinctive and innovative exterior bus hatches give you an inkling of the unbelievable amount of storage space that they conceal. The extra-large water and battery reserves guarantee high self-sufficiency - even on longer trips.


Model series strengths

+ Weight class:
Luxurious floor plans from the liner class. Total permissible weight from 6.5 tonnes to 7.49 tonnes

+ Chassis:
Modified driver's cabin module with double shelled insulation all-round, offset upward and forward, Iveco Daily 65C/70C, high-traction rear-wheel drive with dual wheels, large additional load reserves, high towing loads up to 3.5 tonnes

+ Living comfort:
Furniture series “highline”: unique dashboard in motor yacht design, Chaiselongue with extendible seat / sleeping sofa, pull-out table, option: 32" TFT flat screen, luxury corner kitchen, extendible table, coffee machine lift, slide-out storage cabinet, premium luxury bathroom, separable changing room, sliding doors to the bedroom, two ceiling-high wardrobes

+ Storage compartment system:
98 cm double floor storage compartment “mega space”, several large bus hatches with parallelogram technology and central through-loading space. Double floor storage compartment usable depth of 33 cm inside

+ Self-sufficiency:
Self-sufficiency: Tank volumes, 265 litres fresh water, 205 litres waste water, 2 x 80 Ah gel batteries (can be increased to 4 x 80 Ah), standard: 155 litre faeces tank

+ Air conditioning / heating system:
Alde warm water central heating double floor climate storage with underfloor heating effect, Carthago driver's cabin thermal concept, fully insulated driver's cabin module, 48 mm wall thickness


Test results

“Prospective liner buyers should take a look at the Carthago highliner: despite its size, the vehicle has good handling properties and a clear layout, the Iveco underneath shows its strength. The highliner is fantastic with regard to technology and the payload is more than sufficient. The concept with the flush-fitted exterior hatches is well shaped and the wooden dashboard is very special.”
Reisemobil International 11/2015, practical test highliner 59 LE