chic s-plus

The self-sufficiency world champion with Liner genes on Iveco Daily with rear-wheel drive

The chic s-plus can not and does not deny its Liner genes. Visually and technically identical with the chic e-line, primarily the s-plus has a different chassis. Here, a particularly sturdy Iveco Daily provides continuous driving pleasure. Thanks to the high-traction rear drive and the towed load of up to 3.5 tonnes, you do not need to forego anything when travelling. The optionally available 8G automatic transmission brings pure driving enjoyment. Large payload and storage space reserves store your holiday luggage without any effort and almost without limit. The large bus hatches with parallelogram technology makes loading to pure enjoyment. With the chassis version 65C, the s-plus achieves a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 6.7 tonnes. This is true greatness!

Model series strengths

+ Weight class:
Comfort conscious floor plans from the liner class. Total permissible weight from 5.6 tonnes to 6.7 tonnes

+ Chassis:
Iveco Daily 50C/65C, high-traction rear-wheel drive with dual wheels, large additional load reserves, high towing loads up to 3.5 tonnes, optional automatic transmission.

+ Living comfort plus:
“Yachting” furniture series with extra-high living area of 211 cm, front round seating group with side seat bench, (XL: extendible seat / sleeping sofa(, option: 32" TFT flat screen, luxury corner kitchen, coffee machine lift, slide-out storage cabinet, separable changing room, ceiling-high wardrobe, Carawinx rear bed sleeping system, pull-out step for the rear bed

+ Storage compartment system:
Double floor height: 23 cm double floor storage compartment “jumbo space” lowered on both sides, 78 cm usable height, 2 large bus hatches with parallelogram technology and central through-loading space. Double floor storage compartment usable depth of 20 cm inside. Scooter garage: interior height up to 135 cm, load capacity up to 450 kg

+ Self-sufficiency:
Self-sufficiency: tank volumes, 235 litres fresh water, 200 litres waste water, 2 x 80 Ah gel batteries (can be increased to 3 x 80 Ah), option: fixed tank for faeces

+ Air conditioning / heating system:
Alde warm water central heating double floor climate storage with underfloor heating effect, Carthago driver's cabin thermal concept


Test results

“Carthago fulfils its own specifications with the self-sufficiency world champion: huge tanks, appealing battery capacity that can be increased without any problems, energy saving LED lighting technology all-round and loads of storage space for storing your reserves and luggage. The solid chassis and interior features will give the owner a lot of pleasure for many years.”
Reisemobil International practical test 10/2012