Storage space concept

Carthago storage space and loading scheme

Your added value

+ A Carthago motorhome offers the largest storage space of its class
+ Next to the storage space, there is also sufficient payload reserves thanks to the lightweight construction technology.
+ Storage compartments with convenient access through large exterior hatches
+ Exterior storage space sunk into the double floor at the sides manufactured in complex sandwich technology = perfect insulation and stability
+ Storage space insulated frost-proof and heated targeted
+ Storage space fully usable without limits from installed technologies

Double floor exterior storage compartment

Comfortable access via the large exterior hatches, storage compartment can be increased by lowering the double floor on both sides, central through-loading area, storage compartment integrated under the
lounge seating group (thus can be loaded from the outside, and unloaded through the seat bench on the inside).

Double floor interior storage compartment

Deep double floor storage compartments with 40 cm usable loading depth, convenient access from the inside via floor hatches, targeted heating of the storage room.

Carthago scooter garage

Access to both sides each via large garage doors or hatches. Thanks to the deep lowered frame of the scooter garage, a greatest possible interior height is created and at the same time, convenient loading through the lowered garage access is possible. High loading capacity: up to 350 kg.

Lightweight technology and payload

Carthago has taken over the pioneering role in the subject lightweight construction technology. In 2008, the first integrated premium motorhome was presented to the market that offered a practically-
orientated payload within the 3.5 tonnes weight limit without any compromises with regard to comfort, quality and equipment.

For you, the lightweight technology means:

+ more payload reserves due to less own weight
+ less fuel consumption due to less own weight
+ fewer restrictions by the road traffic regulations (overtaking bans, limits when driving into cities, etc...)
+ higher practical use, even in the 3.5 tonnes weight class (depending on model)
+ less toll fees by fulfilling the 3.5 tonnes weight class criteria