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The Carthago DNA from the Liner Premium class.

Karl-Heinz Schuler Gründe"In every Carthago motorhome you will find the unique liner premium class construction type. It’s a family likeness without any compromises. I guarantee this added value promise with my name."

Karl-Heinz Schuler Founder, owner and foundation chairman of the Karl-Heinz Schuler family foundation

Carthago Liner premiumclass body construction

Long-lived, safety and value retention
The Carthago body construction consequently orientates itself as to what Carthago drivers want: carefree travelling in the long run. That is why we apply long-term quality. GRP and aluminium are thee where the materials are used correctly. For your protection and for your comfort, even in event of hail, lightning and cold conditions. Quality that you can feel- journey for journey, year for year.

Advanced technology borrowed from aircraft construction
Carthago main bodies have joints that you can feel. Where others used screw connections, we apply hightech. Next to a high degree of stability, the main body reinforced by frame members and special bonding technologies also provide a clear plus in safety. The frame members for the floor and side walls act as a side collision protection if the worst happens. Thanks to intelligent lightweight construction with features borrowed from the aircraft construction, the main cabin is not only highly stable, but also light.

Carthago heating and air conditioning technology

Cosy and comfortable, just like home
When you are travelling, we cant find any reason at all why you should have to do without something that is dear to yourself: a good climate. A Carthago offers year-round comfort. Technical sophistication such as heat reflecting walls, board technique that heats targeted and the heat circulation is guided through the entire double floor provide the best conditions in summer as well as winter. As what insulates and heats in winter acts vice versa against heat in the summer.

Carthago storage space and loading scheme

More, thanks to the intelligent lightweight construction
We make it lighter for you. Thanks to the intelligent lightweight construction, we don't save on quality
and comfort - we only save on weight. No other motorhome of its respective class offers so much loading capacity options as a Carthago. Minimum weight means maximum payload for your holiday luggage. And with clever double floor storage space compartments as well as extra large scooter garages, we have made loads of space for everything that you want to take with you on your trip. More payload and more space. And in doing so, simple and comfortable loading.

Carthago driver’s cabin vision concept

Best value
Highest possible level of safety is a matter of course at Carthago. A fundamental requirement for this is
a good view. Thanks to the active driving design and arrangement of the cockpit and windscreen, we are the best in the class in this discipline. You already have a view onto the road surface after only 2.77 m, that in a comparison test with other integrated motorhomes, was the best value. The rear-view mirror system Carthago best view gives a perfect all-round view and gives you a good feeling that you are not missing anything.

Carthago Personality

Exclusive exterior and interior design
Unmistakable, stylish, timeless - Carthago design sets the pace. The dynamic front design, the typical
elegant curved roof and the smooth side surfaces of the main body are as if they have been forged from a single block. That makes a Carthago just as unmistakable as its exclusive comfortable interior.
This is why our designers, carpenters and upholsterers have pleasure in spending a lot of time with the
smallest details. You experience the results with all senses: rattle-free furniture, high-quality surfaces,
timeless elegance, aesthetic and sophistication. Passionate persons are at work here.